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A Day In the Life: The Texans’ New Daily Existence With COVID-19

There’s no same old, same old about 2020.

Divisional Round - Houston Texans v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

While COVID-19 has created all sorts of uncertainty in the lives of NFL players, employees, fans, and just about everyone else involved in the league in one way, shape, form or another, it seems your Houston Texans are doing a pretty solid job forging ahead while maintaining a safe environment.

If you want a deeper look into just what day-to-day life in the Houston organization looks like, Peter King did an excellent write-up for that you can find here. A few blurbs to get your motor revving:

Opening night: one month from tonight. The Houston Texans likely will be significant underdogs at Super Bowl champion Kansas City, and rightfully so. But the important thing in 2020 is something else, on the weekend we passed 5 million documented COVID-19 cases as a country. It’s actually whether Houston-Kansas City, and the 268 NFL games after that, will be played.

J.J. Watt:

I believe Week 1 will happen, I’m optimistic.


I think so too. There’s good reason to be optimistic, at least for this season to kick off. The NFL Players Association reported that as of Thursday, 56 players had tested positive for the virus, including pre-camp and daily testing once camp started; the majority of those players returned to their teams, virus-free. But the key, obviously, will be how players handle more post-training-camp freedom once they’re in regular-season mode.

King’s piece goes on to give a play-by-play and color commentary of the daily life of head coach/general manager Bill O’Brien, the various player groups, and more. If you have time, it’s a very interesting glimpse into 2020 NFL life.

What sorts of safety procedures are you dealing with these days? Think the Texans are doing a great job? Too much? Not enough?