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Houston Texans Rumor: Deshaun Watson, Zach Cunningham Extensions Expected Before Season Starts

The world collectively says, “DUH”.

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You want how many years?
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According to “The General” John McClain, your Houston Texans are looking to get Deshaun Watson and Zach Cunningham’s contract extensions done before the season starts.

I know, I know. The sky is also blue. However, supposedly the Texans are really pushing for a long-term deal with their franchise quarterback. It’s been previously reported that Watson would prefer a shorter deal, but it’s obviously in the team’s best interest to keep him here as long as humanly possible.

I’ve mentioned before that the Texans should have gotten DW4’s done before Patrick Mahomes signed his “Scrooge McDuck” contract. Now, the baseline is set and we’ll likely see Watson making money around the $40-45 million per year range. Regardless, the Texans will pay whatever it takes (hopefully).

Locking down Cunningham presents its own set of challenges. Since 2017, Cunningham has been the team’s leading tackler and one of the most consistent players on defense, not to mention he’s one of the 5 best linebackers in Houston Texans history. That being said, an extension could possibly place him in the $12-13 million dollar per year range. With the salary cap potentially facing a significant decrease, some tough decisions may need to be made on aging or pricey players to make room for our franchise cornerstones.

With the fiscal belt tightening itself around the team’s beer gut, are you okay with these deals getting done before the season? Should they have gotten this done earlier? Let us know down below.