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Houston Texans Podcast: Tim Kelly’s Super Vertical, Super Cool, Kill Em’ All Offense

A Texans-Chiefs review.

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Wait, I thought you liked football? I thought the Texans were going to hang 37 on the Kansas City Chiefs, Randall Cobb was going to exploit the center of the field, the offensive line was going to lock down Kansas City’s pass rush, Houston’s pass defense was going to bounce back thanks to internal development, and if the game was close, Deshaun Watson would be able to pull off the miracles necessary, like a Saint George figure, to slay the dragon once again.

None of that happened. The Texans are still the Texans. They still run the ball up the middle, pick and pop, choose their shots downfield (and didn’t even really throw downfield last night), want to play ball control, and don’t have the horses to stop offenses like Kansas City.

It’s all good, though. It’s only one week. What’s the worst that can happen?

On this episode of Battle Red Radio, Matt Weston, Carlos Flores, and Joe Critz review Week One between the Houston Texans and Kansas City Chiefs. Topics include Tim Kelly’s extreme vertical offense, the bouncing David Johnson, that one really pretty touchdown drive, where Randall Cobb might be, the same pass defense woes, the existential crisis Houston’s run defense faces, glimmers of hope from Anthony Weaver’s first game, and of course, your beautiful listener questions.

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