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Houston Texans Podcast: NFL Week One Preview

Your 2020 NFL Week One Preview. Browns v. Ravens. Jets v. Bills. Buccaneers v. Saints. Cowboys v. Rams.

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I want it all. I want to fill my cup all the way up. Chalice dripping. Devouring until I pop. Anything and everything around me. Whether it’s seven soggy cheese dogs, frozen lasagna, protein powder coffee, bean bongs, or NFL football, I’m irascible, terrible, need to stop time, and save the summer, so I’ll never have to put my floaties in the garage and lose the scent of sunscreen again.

On this episode of Battle Red Radio, Matt and his good friend Taylor preview Week One of the 2020 NFL season. Topics include three big thoughts on Houston’s loss to Kansas City, 2021 time traveling (get here already!!!), Baltimore’s improved run defense, who plays linebacker in Cleveland, Josh Allen’s deep ball, 84 years of quarterback, and Dallas tearing the ribbon off Los Angeles’ new stadium.

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