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Saturday Night’s Alright For Commenting: 9/26/2020

Come in and get cozy. It’s SNOT time.

Lost Birds Photo by David Trotman-Wilkins/Chicago Tribune/Tribune News Service via Getty Images

Hopefully you went outside and enjoyed one of the hot, beautiful, and mild 90 degree days of the year, stayed away from the virus, laid on blankets, ate grapes, and sucked down some suds. Days like this don’t come too often. It’s best to make the most of them.

Here’s your SNOT for tonight to talk about whatever you want whenever you want. Topics may include James Gandolfini’s performance in True Romance, how good it is that football is still good when many things aren’t good, the remixed Menzingers album, what’s wrong with the Texans’ offensive line, or places to travel to during the times of yellow, orange, and red leaves.

Enjoy your weekend, everyone.