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Houston Texans Podcast: Predicting The Texans’ 53-Man Roster

Position by position, we eat the entire horse.

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The end of the summer, the summer that we never had, is here. Dozens of men in Houston’s bubble have been attending meanings, practicing, working drill after drill with position groups, running ladders, moving sleds, and hitting one another, all while fantasizing it was someone else. The sad truth, the hard truth, is that after a month plus of exhausting work, a fourth of them will go home, sit, and wait for the phone to ring while lifting weights in their garage and playing polygon football on a television laying on the floor. Most never will get that call. Most have reached the end of their football rope. Most will be names that we as fans may vaguely remember and laugh about while washing our hands in some far away gas station bathroom.

On this episode of Battle Red Radio, Matt Weston, Carlos Flores, and Kenneth chomp away at the Texans’ bloated roster, eating the dreams of roster hopefuls, and cut the entire thing down to a slim and final 53 players. Topics include how many quarterbacks the Texans will carry in 2020, Keke Coutee’s future in Houston, whether Kahale Warring will be more than sideline eye candy this season, who backs up the Texans’ already established starting offensive line, base defense configuration, passing down pass rushes, secondary analysis, and of course, your beautiful and wonderful questions.

Let’s start the show.

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