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Saturday Night’s Alright For Commenting: 9/5/2020

Take off your shorts and shirt. It’s time to SNOT.

Underwater Wedding

Case closed. That’s fine.

It’s the end of the summer as we stroll into Labor Day weekend, which usually marks the last remnants of lazy river days, baseball games, parties, picnics, and all those summer festivities that haunt us when we sleep in January and February. But this year is different than those years. In a sick way, every passing day is a wondrous occasion, as each flick of the page that we will never get back, should, hypothetically, bring us closer to normalcy, whatever that was or whatever that will now mean.

Regardless, hopefully you are able to go out and seize it in some form or fashion and feel the things you want to feel as we get prepare to head indoors, drink root beer and nauesatic orange coffee, and watch football, football, football as long as we are able to.

This is your SNOT for tonight to talk about anything and everything, from the Rockets’ playoff chances, to your fantasy football drafts, to how sick SMU’s jerseys are, to summer cocktails, to Rolling Stones tracks, to the treacherous journey you made to your reawakened movie theater to see TENET, to whatever else you want to talk about.

Enjoy your Saturday and holiday weekend, everyone.