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2021 Houston Texans Offseason

The general umbrella under which Texans news and analysis not involving the draft or free agency that occurs between the end of the miserable 2020 season and the beginning of training camp shall reside.

Happy Labor Day From Battle Red Blog

Enjoy your time off.

Houston Texans Projected to Secure the First Overall Pick in the 2022 NFL Draft

What was once still is.

2021 Houston Texans 53 Man Roster

The end of competition. For now.

2021 Houston Texans 53 Man Roster Cut Tracker

The bubble pops today for many football players.

Battle Red Radio: 2021 NFL Season Preview—The NFC North

Don’t forget to take out the trash because the 2021 NFL Season Preview continues with the NFC North..

Houston Texans Trade Shaq Lawson To New York Jets

The offseason acquisition didn’t stay long.

Areas Where The Texans Are Among The League Leaders

We don’t know how well the team will use Mills, Johnson and Cooks, but we know how well the fans use Jackson, Grant and Franklin.

Listen, Watch, Love, Battle Red Blog’s 2021 Season Preview LIVE at 8:30 p.m. Central

Finally, it’s Friday Night.

Houston Texans Podcast: 2021 NFL Season Preview—The NFC East

Take your meds, because the 2021 NFL Season Preview continues with the NFC East.

Battle Red Radio: Please Leave Your Texans Questions Here

We have a big episode coming up, and we need your help.

Are The Texans Really The Worst Team In The NFL?

A look around the bottom of the NFL.

Battle Red Radio: 2021 NFL Season Preview—The AFC South

BRB’s 2021 NFL Season Preview continues with the AFC South.

Dirt To Business : Introducing BRB’s Newest Writer

Eric Ryberg joins the masthead.

The Houston Texans Had A Very Busy Monday

Players come and players go... but Jack Easterby is still here...

Texans v. Packers: Quick Thoughts

Here’s what happened in Houston’s first preseason win.

BRB Groupthink: Let’s Get it Started

The masthead sits around the fire and discusses what they are watching for when Houston kicks off against Green Bay.

Four Teams Headed For Disappointment

With the 2021 season approaching, a look at which teams not named the Texans are prime candidates to disappoint their fan bases.

The Bill O’Brien All-Doghouse Team

Stuck between a chin and a hard place.

Houston Texans Roster News: Nick Caserio Signs Another Running Back

You can never have too much of a good thing.

The Texans Have The Worst Young Talent In The NFL

According to Football Outsiders.

Do You Want Deshaun Watson To Be Traded?

"Future Uncertain" - Magic 8 Ball

Deshaun Watson Returns To Practice

This time in pads.

Battle Red Radio: 2021 NFL Season Preview—The AFC West

The 2021 NFL Season Preview continues with the AFC West.

BRB Groupthink: Picking Through the Deshaun Watson Trade Rumors

Talking about Deshaun Watson to Philadelphia.

Totally Not Fake News: First Impressions From Camp

With the start of camp come the first wave of impressions for the 2021 Texans

Rumor: Deshaun Watson Trade Talks Halted By Texans

The rumor mill giveth and the rumor mill taketh away.

Deshaun Watson’s Training Camp Behavior Hurting His Trade Value

GMs are paying attention, and they can’t like what they see.

Rumor: Deshaun Watson Trade Talks Heating Up With Eagles

Could this deal actually get done?

Battle Red Radio: The Deshaun Watson Lawsuits

Diana Moskovitz helps make sense of the Deshaun Watson situation.

Gus Johnson Returning To The NFL This Season

The GOAT is back.

Warren Moon Would Like a Word with Deshaun Watson

Seems like a bad situation to go inserting yourself into.

Texans 53 Man Roster Predictions

Predicting who will make the final roster come September.

Houston Texans Roster News: Texans Sign Guard Danny Isidora

Houston added more interior competition.

Saturday Night Tunes: 7/31/2021 Edition

Another pants free edition and powered by hwisky and parental angst.

BRB Groupthink: Watson, Watson, Watson

Totally Not Fake News: Training Camp: The Road to the 2022 Super Bowl Begins…For Most Teams

Most teams, normal teams...all the same really.