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2021 NFL Draft: Best Available Day Three Players For The Texans

Some players to keep your eyes out for during Day 3.

College Football Playoff National Championship - Clemson v LSU Photo by Don Juan Moore/Getty Images

The Houston Texans came into this draft with seven (7) Day Three selections. After making a trade with the Carolina Panthers to move back into the third round to draft Nico Collins, they lost two of those selections. Pick #109 in the fourth round and pick number 158 in the second round are gone, along with a fourth round pick in 2022. I guess when you sign 73 new free agents, the number of draft picks isn’t that important.

The Texans still have a wide variety of needs after selecting Davis Mills 67th overall and Nico Collins 89th overall. Houston has the following picks today:

  1. Round 5: No. 147
  2. Round 6: No. 195
  3. Round 6: No. 203
  4. Round 6: No. 212
  5. Round 7: No. 233

As with the first and second round, Houston will be without a fourth round selection. Nick Caserio has been aggressive in this draft and has departed from the strategy that made the Patriots the Patriots. Houston could move a fifth and one or two of their sixths to jump into the fourth round today. Nothing is off the table.

The following players would fit needs the Texans have on their roster and could be available by the time Houston is scheduled to draft at #147. The Texans could even take advantage of their slot if any of them slide further.

Bobby Brown (DT—Texas A&M): Brown is only 20 years old. He’s just a baby. He’s coming off a 5.5 sack season from the defensive tackle position at A&M. It would be easy for him to create the competition Nick Caserio is looking for and add youth to a strange defensive tackle group mired with young players who haven’t done anything, mediocre veterans, and injured players looking to rehab their performance.

Trill Williams (CB—Syracuse): He’s a slot corner from Syracuse. It’s questionable whether he has the quickness to play the slot in the NFL. He’ll probably end up using his size to play on the outside or move to a role similar to the one Desmond King is planning to occupy in Houston—zone slot corner, with the ability to line up and play linebacker and turn a nickel into a base defense. There’s some safety wiggle room for Williams, too.

Jaylen Twyman (DT—Pittsburgh): Yeah, another defensive tackle. Twyman has already proven he has pass rushing acumen. In 2019, he picked up 12 tackles for a loss and 12 sacks before opting out of the 2020 season. His athletic testing numbers, in combination with a missing season, have pushed him down into the second half of the draft. But he has shown the ability to produce and has an arsenal of pass rushing moves. Twyman is a perfect lottery ticket.

Elerson Smith (EDGE—Northern Iowa): The Texans have moved to a 4-3 defense under Lovie Smith, but they still need edge rushers who can get to the quarterback. Smith would seem to be a little out of place in Houston, similar to Whitney Mercilus, Jacob Martin, and Jordan Jenkins. Elerson Smith is a 6’6”, 250 pound springing edge rusher with long arms who doesn’t have the frame to mash in the run game. That being said, he could be part of a pass rushing rotation; with Shaq Lawson currently acting as the Texans’ best pass rusher, they need more oomph, or even a little poof, at this position.

Plus, the Texans aren’t married to a 4-3. Lovie Smith won’t be here forever, and it’s likely he won’t be orchestrating the defense run by the next good Texans team (if that ever happens again).

Kary Vincent (Slot Cornerback—LSU): Vincent is a pure man slot cover cornerback. He’s a former four star recruit and incredible athlete who hasn’t figured out the position. He’s athletic, has high upside, and needs some coaching and time to get him the next level. Desmond King is a slot corner, but King isn’t a man coverage cornerback you typically see in the slot. Houston needs depth and talent at this position. Vincent provides it in a form the Texans are lacking.

Any of these players get you excited?