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2021 NFL Free Agency: Houston Texans Sign Tyrod Taylor To One-Year Deal

Could we see Tyrod receive significant playing time?

NFL: Los Angeles Chargers Scrimmage Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Aaron Wilson reported that the Houston Texans have signed QB Tyrod Taylor to a one-year deal worth up to $12.5 million. The base salary is set under $6 million dollars so it seems to be very incentive driven.

The journeyman quarterback is entering his 10th year in the league and has found a (albeit short-term) home in Houston. With Houston having Deshaun Watson as the only other signal-caller under contract, the team was always going to desperately need another QB and a fall-back plan in the event that Watson gets traded.

After a productive stint in Buffalo from 2015 to 2017, Taylor has been involved in short runs with the Browns and Chargers. Unfortunately, Taylor has displaced by quality young quarterbacks like Josh Allen, Baker Mayfield (debatable), and Justin Herbert.

If Watson decides to return to play for the Texans this year, there are worse backups to have than Tyrod Taylor. In the likely scenario that Watson doesn’t return to the Texans, Taylor will likely act as a bridge for a rookie quarterback while said rookie develops. At this point in his career, Taylor will have to take what he can get.

How do you feel about this signing? Will this be more fun to watch Taylor than an AJ McCarron-led Texans squad?