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Rumor: Texans Have Had “Internal Conversations” About Possible Deshaun Watson Trade

The end is coming (?).

NFL: Houston Texans at Chicago Bears Mike Dinovo-USA TODAY Sports

After a few weeks of swirling rumors, controversy, and heartache for Texans fans around the globe, the trade rumors involving Deshaun Watson continue to roll in. Yesterday, Adam Schefter tweeted the words we all have feared:

In his accompanying article, Schefter goes into further detail:

Former Texans receiver Andre Johnson weighed in publicly this past week, tweeting that Watson should “stand his ground” and calling out executive vice president of football operations Jack Easterby.

But a source close to Watson told ESPN’s Chris Mortensen that firing Easterby would not resolve the issue, saying that “Cal McNair would have to fire Cal McNair.”

There is a growing consensus within the NFL, according to Mortensen, that Watson will force his way out, and the Texans believe he will command a high compensation package in a trade.

A source close to Watson told Mortensen that the Dolphins remain prominent as an acceptable landing spot because the quarterback likes the culture he has observed under Miami head coach Brian Flores and there is no state income tax in Florida.

There are several franchises monitoring the events surrounding Watson if he becomes available on the trade market, league sources told Mortensen.

With this new information, it’s confirmed that Deshaun Watson’s disgust with the Texans still lingers, and there have already been some discussion inside the front office about trading him. This is not just outside noise anymore. The controversy has now swarmed the entire organization in confusion as many face a reality that Watson and the Texans may well be at the point of no return. Before even hiring a head coach, new general manager Nick Caserio could find himself having to put his stamp on what will certainly go down as one of the most upsetting sports transactions in Houston history.

It’s hard to imagine that just a few weeks ago, things were looking up at NRG Park. Reports circulated about an in-depth search for a new GM, a similarly detailed search underway for the head coach, and Jack Easterby’s fate within the organization left entirely up to those new leaders. Since then, Easterby has cleared the challenge to his throne with the hiring of his pal Caserio, but in doing so the franchise disrespected its star quarterback to such a degree that the relationship may now be unsalvageable. We’ve gone through a surprise hire, an angry quarterback, rumors about a trade, more rumors about a trade, realization that Easterby will not be fired, and now evidence that said rumors may become reality before a head coach has even been selected.

Adam Schefter also tweeted earlier in the day:

As if that’s a surprise!

This firestorm of drastic proportions has tarnished the appeal of the Texans’ coaching vacancy even more than it was to begin with. The mess temporarily scared away at least one head coaching candidate and now has thrust the organization into preparing to get rid of the best quarterback in franchise history. These reports are literally getting worse by the day. The chances of Watson returning to Houston next season seem to be fading fast. If the organization is discussing the potential of a world post-Deshaun Watson, it feels like the writing is already on the wall. Be ready for anything in the coming weeks. Literally anything.

It’s imperative that Jack Easterby is fired and that something is done to show Watson that he’s vital to our success in the future. We’re in a spot where either Easterby stays and we immediately become the worst team in the NFL, or he’s fired and we keep Watson. It feels like doomsday is almost here, so be sure to flood the comments with your thoughts on the pending apocalypse.

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