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Houston Texans Head Coaching News: Texans Set To Interview Leslie Frazier, David Culley For Second Time

Nick Caserio is taking things nice and slow.

Philadelphia Eagles v Minnesota Vikings Photo by Adam Bettcher/Getty Images

Tom Pelissero just reported that Bills DC Leslie Frazier and Ravens Assistant Head Coach David Culley are officially set to interview with the Texans for a second time.

It was widely known that whichever of Eric Bieniemy and Leslie Frazier was knocked out of the NFL Playoffs via loss in the AFC Championship Game yesterday would receive a follow-up interview in short order. Culley is a dark horse pick, but it seems that Nick Caserio is doing his due diligence. The Texans would be making a huge mistake in being impatient in this search, especially now that every other NFL team has filled its head coaching position.

The Chiefs’ offense went wild against the Bills last night, and that’s on Frazier. The Bills gave up 439 yards of offense to Andy Reid and Eric Bieniemy’s offense, picking up only one sack and allowing an average of 7 yards per play. On the biggest stage, in a match-up that both coordinators likely understood would speak volumes for the HC opening in Houston, Frazier stumbled and Bieniemy enhanced his case for a head coaching job.

The common knock on Bieniemy is that Andy Reid pulls a lot of the weight when it comes to the offense. I think that’s malarkey. EB has had the benefit of working under a fantastic offensive mind, and that can only help him when he takes the leap up the ladder to head coach. We can also imagine that Deshaun Watson would be thrilled to have Bieniemy around. Even if it might be just a hair too late.

I don’t think it’s reason to panic or think that Frazier is automatically the guy just because he’s now available. Let’s just take this as an interview as a news item and expect the team to get with Bieniemy after the Super Bowl.