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Houston Texans Podcast: Going Back To Where We Started

Rivers McCown and TIM hop on the podcast with Matt Weston, along with two mysterious bonus guests, to discuss the David Culley hiring, his introductory press conference, the ongoing Deshaun Watson dilemma, and where Houston goes from here.

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After five months of searching and searching and searching, the Houston Texans finally found their head coach, a man with 27 years of NFL coaching experience, 41 years of coaching experience, who had never been seriously considered for a NFL head coaching job. They found he one and only....DAVID CULLEY. Yes. DAVID CULLEY. It’s going to keep getting worse before it gets better.

On this episode of Battle Red Radio, Matt, TIM, and the legend himself, Rivers McCown, are joined by two other mysterious guests. They hop on the podcast to discuss the David Culley hiring, his introductory press conference, and the ongoing Deshaun Watson dilemma. Topics include the man holding the gun behind Cal McNair’s camera; COWARD McNair himself; vision, communication, connecting with people, juice, positive energy, and all the other beautiful things David Culley brings to the Houston Texans; Deshaun Watson trade ideas; 2021 Houston Texans quarterbacks, and a return to the bottom, that warm and loving place that Houston Texans fans know all too well.

Let’s start the show.

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