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Houston Texans Podcast: We Turned Off Cartoon Network For This

A review of Houston v. Tennessee, making the typical season award selections, previewing Black Monday, and taking a peek at the 2020 NFL Playoffs.

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We did it. We made it through the season. An 0-4 start. The firing of Bill O’Brien. Deshaun Watson carrying a terrible football team to a lot of close losses. Beating the Jacksonville Jaguars twice. And now, another unbelievable, crucial, and wonderful loss to the newest AFC South Champions, the Tennessee Titans. It’s not over yet, though. No. Although the Texans’ season has come to an end, football is just beginning.

On this episode of Battle Red Radio, Matt Weston and his good friend Taylor discuss a wide variety of things: Houston v. Tennessee, the typical NFL season awards, Black Monday, and we take a peek at the 2020 NFL Playoff matchups. Topics include another Texans TEXANS loss, Derrick Henry 2K, Laremy Tunsil trade ramifications, Anthony Weaver’s last gasp, MVP votes and awards of that nature, where the Houston coaching and GM vacancies rank, and what we get to look forward to next season.

Let’s start the show.

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