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Houston Texans General Manager News: Texans Request Permission To Interview Nick Caserio (Again)

Let’s do it again.

New England Patriots v Miami Dolphins Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

Do you remember June of 2019? Do you remember when Brian Gaine was fired, when the Texans tried to hire Nick Caserio to replace Gaine , when the New England Patriots filed tampering charges, and when the Texans ended their pursuit of Caserio and made Bill O’Brien Houston’s general manager? I remember. Do you remember?

With Jack Easterby still employed by Cal McNair, the Texans have reached out to New England again to interview Nick Caserio for the Texans’ vacant general manager position.

Is this a real possibility, or is this due diligence? If this is a possibility, it’s safe to assume Caserio has a real chance of becoming the next Texans general manager simply because he kind of, sort of already was Houston’s top choice to be general manager. If Caserio does get the job, does that mean a New England coaching hire and another iteration of Patriots South once again?

I hope not. Oh, I hope not. Just when you think you reach a bottom, the bottom finds another level below.