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The “Fire Jack Easterby” Chants Are Going To Continue


New England Patriots Training Camp Photo by Craig F. Walker/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

Just about every Houston Texans fan in their right mind has wanted Jack Easterby ushered out of the building, just like former head coach/general manager Bill O’Brien. From the flaming Sports Illustrated expose on Easterby - which included evidence he was the mind behind jettisoning DeAndre Hopkins—to further evidence proving he’s been linked to every wrong move the Texans have made over the last few years—it’s no wonder Easterby is the least popular person in Houston sports right about now.

#FireEasterby is trending on Twitter for a reason. From our favorite Houston Chronicle writer:

From my favorite Houston radio personality:

Unfortunately, with Caserio the new general manager of your Houston Texans, that means his buddy Jack Easterby is likely safely ensconced in the hierarchy at NRG Park like a tick on a crippled hunting dog.

However, when two people get together, one always assumes the lead role and the other the follower. Which is it with these two former Patriots staffers? Is Easterby the leader? Will he pull Caserio’s strings? Or will Caserio exert control over the organization and bring the sort of intelligent, winning ways Houston covets with him from New England?

If Jack Easterby is allowed to continue to influence decision-making—and the hiring of Caserio certainly backs that theory—the future looks pretty dim for the Houston Texans. If Caserio is his own man, however, puts Easterby in check, and runs his own play, Houston’s future could end up bright.

Sports Illustrated:

[Caserio] was the wide receivers coach on the Patriots 18-1 team that went undefeated and lost in the Super Bowl. Randy Moss had 23 touchdowns and almost 1,500 yards while Wes Welker broke out to lead the league in catches in his first year with the Patriots. Caserio would move to his current position after one season of coaching the wideouts.

Caserio has previously helped the coaching staff as his position allows him to be on the headset during games.

Bill O’Brien was thought to be the primary force for the hiring of Brian Gaine back in 2018. Easterby was brought to Houston by O’Brien in 2019 before Easterby took the wheel of the #FireGaine bus and then the #FireBOB bus. It’s clear this bunch of former “friends” have no issues throwing each other under the bus. So maybe, just maybe, Caserio took the gig with the understanding that McNair will have to send Easterby packing.

One can hope...