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Houston Texans Podcast: Daddy Loves You Lots

Rivers McCown and TIM hop on the podcast with Matt Weston to discuss the Nick Caserio hiring, his introductory press conference, and where Houston goes from here.

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The Houston Texans hired a search firm to help them find a new general manager. They ignored the search firm’s list of preferred candidates. Instead, they satiated their bloodlust from the summer of 2029 by getting the guy they wanted back then. By doing so, they upset Deshaun Watson, since he wasn’t part of the process despite reportedly being told by Cal McNair that he would be. Houston also opted to not interview the head coach candidate Watson allegedly wanted (Eric Bieniemy).

As a result, Houston sits in limbo with a disgruntled top five quarterback who happens to be the entire franchise. The QB is hanging out in Mexico, drinking fancy drinks with umbrellas in them as Houston tries to sort out who their next head coach will be.

On this episode of Battle Red Radio, Matt, TIM, and the legend himself, Rivers McCown, hop onto the podcast to spend THREE HOURS discussing the Nick Caserio hiring, today’s disastrous press conference performance by Cal McNair, and the ongoing Texans head coaching search. Topics bandied about also include Caserio being loved by 31 other franchises, Deshaun Watson’s irritation, the secrets Jack Easterby keeps in his coat closet, our favorite moments from the aforementioned press conference, and who ends up as the next Texans’ head coach.

Let’s start the show. It’s really long, so we’re splitting it up into two parts; this is Part I.

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You can (and should) read Rivers McCown’s article on the Nick Caserio press conference here.

UPDATE: Part II of the episode can be found here.