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Houston Texans Podcast: Scar Tissue (Texans-Patriots Review)

Diehard Chris and Matt Weston review Houston’s latest loss to the New England Patriots and everything that transpired after Cameron Johnston dug up the ancient Indian burial ground.

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The Houston Texans used to always lose to the New England Patriots. They nearly went an entire decade without taking down The Hoodie and Tom Brady, back before Brady turned Tampa Bay into Tompa Bay. Then, in 2019, Houston broke the streak. Bradley Roby had an interception, Deshaun Watson hit Kenny Stills deep when the cocktail napkin trick play became a reality. Last year, the Texans big-blitzed Cam Newton and pulled off one of the rare wins of the 2020 season.

Yesterday, the Texans once again gave it to New England. The Patriots’ defensive backs popped off tackles. The Texans executed a flea flicker. Damien Harris fumbled into the end zone. Mac Jones threw an interception that was too far inside to Lonnie Johnson Jr.

Everything changed after one terrible decision. Rather than punt the ball, the Texans faked the fake punt and Cameron Johnston rocked one off his own teammate. New England got easy field position. They scored. Then they continued to score until a late field goal finally gave them a lead.

Johnston’s foot didn’t meet the ball. It met a sarcophagus that cracked open and unleashed a green garish curse onto the Texans.

On this episode of Battle Red Radio, Matt Weston and Diehard Chris, review Houston’s 25-22 loss to the New England Patriots. Topics include David Culley’s many snafus, the fake fake punt, CBS’s MK Ultra fall television lineup jingles, whether Davis Mills sold snake oil today, the Texans not being able to run the ball against a terrible run defense, Lovie Smith’s defensive adjustments, a stale pass rush against an offense missing four starting offensive linemen, your beautiful and wonderful listener questions, and of course, some movie talk.

Let’s start the show.

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