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Houston Texans Podcast: 2021 Week Six NFL Preview

It’s your Week Six NFL preview. Texans v. Colts. Chargers v. Ravens. Bengals v. Lions. Cowboys v. Patriots.

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We know how it’s going to be. The Texans are going to be 1-7. Then Tyrod Taylor will get healthy, but by then, the fans who fought and bickered about everyone being too negative, about not giving Nick Caserio a chance, that this ragtag band of veterans would actually be good, will have logged off long ago. They’ll come back after the season, for free agency and the NFL Draft, once the players who left the Texans are suddenly terrible while the ones who join the team are suddenly incredible. We will crawl our way through the summer and do it again until the Houston Texans are truly good again. This is the point. Football is good even when the Texans aren’t, and our podcast is still good when the Texans aren’t.

On this episode of Battle Red Radio, Matt Weston and his good friend Taylor preview Week Six of the 2021 NFL season. Topics include Davis Mills replicating his breakout performance, Carson Wentz disaster artist, the Ravens running an offense without a run game, reminiscing about Justin Herbert’s 2020 season back when he used to make sublime throws, Ja’Marr Chase being a better pick than Penei Sewell, Jared Goff running left and all the joys Detroit football has to offer, never watching the New England Patriots again, and the unstoppable and limitless Dallas offense.

Let’s start the show.

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