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Houston Texans Podcast: 2021 Week Seven NFL Preview

It’s your Week Seven NFL preview. Bengals v. Ravens. Chiefs v. Titans. Cardinals v. Texans. Saints v. Seahawks.

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This is the big one. This is the one everyone had scrawled red on their planners and set events around in their virtual calendars. It’s the time when the past and the present collide into one chaotic and poetic platter of schadenfreude.

It’s a revenge game for everyone. For DeAndre Hopkins, for J.J. Watt, for David Johnson, and for a fanbase that was stuck watching listless Bill O’Brien game after listless Bill O’Brien game, all while O’Brien destroyed the franchise by trading for a left tackle and trading away a Hall of Fame wide receiver. Living in the remnants of O’Brien’s rubble, the only solace is watching Houston’s former greats wearing different colors, enacting their own revenge against the previous failures they were stuck playing through.

On this episode of Battle Red Radio, Matt Weston and his good friend Taylor preview Week Seven of the 2021 NFL season. In addition to previewing Texans v. Cardinals, topics include the Bengals’ defense finally traveling to Baltimore with defensive talent, the Ravens’ run game finally breaking out, everyone getting their chance to beat the Chiefs, Derrick Henry as King MVP, David Johnson’s revenge game, how many points the spread between Houston and Arizona really should be, khaki pants and tucked in shirt Jamies Winston, and Seattle’s crushing run attack.

Let’s start the show.

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