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Houston Texans Podcast: We All Just Want It To Be Good Again

Stephanie Stradley joins the podcast to review the Texans’ culture and how things can get better in the future.

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The Houston Texans are 1-6. The things that we believed would be issues this past offseason are issues today. Not having a backup plan for Tyrod Taylor, silly restructuring of contracts, selecting a quarterback with their first draft selection in the third round, the decision to move Tytus Howard to guard, Lovie Smith’s Jurassic Cover Two scheme, the cornerback play, and the horde of veterans who made their way to Houston. Bloodlust wasn’t satiated from previous wrongs. The Cardinals wo last week, but it wasn’t by enough. Houston’s performance was similar to the week before, except the pass rush was better. The rest? It was about the same.

It’s time for something different. Instead of harping on the offensive line struggles, the holes in the zone, and the treehouse Tim Kelly is hiding Davis Mills in, it’s time to expand our vantage point to the heavens and take a look at the entirety of the Houston Texans. The culture, where the franchise has been, the previous failings that have returned, and the football decisions that got the franchise here. Needless to say, this is a long episode. Hop in your semi. It’s time to take a cross country drive.

On this episode of Battle Red Radio, Matt Weston and Steph Stradley, gloss over Houston’s loss to the Arizona Cardinals and look at the bigger picture and where it is headed. Topics include Arizona’s COVID-19 haze obliteration of Houston, the internal and external shareholders of the team, Jack Easterby and the culture he has created. the schism between the team and the external parties who orbit around it, the David Culley and Nick Caserio era, standing behind your decisions and words, Deshaun Watson, and, of course, Texans Pup.

Let’s start the show.

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