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BREAKING NEWS: Texans Trade Mark Ingram To Saints

Houston trades the only RB on the roster who can break tackles.

Jacksonville Jaguars v Houston Texans
So long, Mark, and thanks for the broken tackles.
Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images


This news has been met with tweets like:

Hmph. Methinks the culture isn’t what David Culley says it is.

This trade, as the horrible saying goes, is what it is. We’ll probably get a late round pick back. Maybe even two! The sky’s the limit! Not really.

For me, the issue is, why was Mark Ingram on the roster in the first place? Sure, we got a pick we’ll later waste for him, but the bigger issue is that Ingram was taking snaps from Scottie Phillips. Heck, Rex Burkhead is getting snaps ahead of Phillips, and it’s stupid.

Instead of signing a bunch of UDFAs, we signed guys like Ingram, Burkhead, Danny Amendola, and Steve Grogan. Every one of these was the waste of a roster spot that should have gone to a younger player.

Every Texans player should be ready to have a new home in the next week.

UPDATE: Somehow, the return was even more underwhelming than you might expect.