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Texans Will Receive 2024 Seventh Round Pick From Saints In Mark Ingram Trade

It’s David Johnson season.

Houston Texans v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Earlier this week, it was announced the Texans would be trading Mark Ingram to the New Orleans Saints. Houston was shipping their best running back, a guy who could break tackles and collect yards after contact, back to where his NFL career first started. The compensation was the unknown.

Now it is known. The Texans will receive a seventh round pick for Ingram. But not a 2022 seventh rounder. Not a 2023 seventh rounder. Houston will get a 2024 seventh round draft pick from the Saints.

The fire sale may have just begun. Houston is 1-6. They are one of the worst teams in the league. Everything has gotten worse since their season opening win over Jacksonville. The Texans have numerous players who maybe could be had for a seventh round draft pick. Maliek Collins, Kamu Gruiger-Hill, Terrance Mitchell...they are all on the table.

Maybe the Texans even look to move Justin Reid; Reid is a free agent after this year and may not be a part of their long term plans. Perhaps the Texans could also trade Brandin Cooks. Cooks hated the Ingram trade and won’t feel any better after seeing what the Texans got for his buddy. It seems reasonable to believe Reid or Cooks could fetch a Day Two pick. Maybe even in a NFL Draft that occurs before 2024.

The moves have started, and hopefully they’ve only just begun.