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Houston Texans Podcast: My Whole Life Is A Dark Room (Texans-Bills Review)

Matt Weston and John Cumpler (@TexansDoc) review the worst loss in Texans franchise history.

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Houston Texans v Buffalo Bills Photo by Bryan M. Bennett/Getty Images

Love and savor Josh Allen. Let his loving grace into your heart. It’s never too late to atone. If you didn’t realize he was the one true quarterback after he leapt over Anthony Barr, or when he stiff-armed J.J. Watt in the pocket, or when he caught a touchdown pass against Houston in a playoff game, or when he found his deep ball and turned into a top five MVP caliber quarterback, maybe you realized it yesterday when he led a Bills team that skunked Houston 40-0.

It was the worst loss in Texans franchise history. It was the third worst start by a starting quarterback in Texans franchise history. Without a running game, in the rain, with only Brandin Cooks to throw to, Davis Mills was left to die in the plains, squashed by stampeding Buffaloes, or Bills, I don’t know, the name doesn’t make any sense.

Hopefully now you have discovered the truth and let the light through. If this game didn’t, there may not be any hope left for you.

On this episode of Battle Red Radio, Matt Weston and John Cumpler (@TexansDoc) reviewed the worst loss in franchise history. Topics include what does Davis Mills do well, if Houston failed him by not signing a true backup quarterback for Deshaun Watson, what is wrong with the Texans’ run game, could Brandin Cooks be on the move, Lonnie Johnson Jr. and Desmond Kings’s performances, the bright spots on the defense, and of course, your beautiful and perfect listener questions.

Let’s start the show.

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