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Houston Texans Podcast: 2021 Week Five NFL Preview

It’s your Week Five NFL preview. Patriots v. Texans. Cardinals v. 49ers. Cowboys v. Giants. Bills v. Chiefs.

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I know how it’s going to go. After an offseason of clamoring for Nick Caserio, the veterans he signed, his draft class, and the trades he made, it will all disappear. Texans fans will head to their caves to wait for the 2022 NFL Draft. We here at BRB will be left in the rubble, digging through the ruins. Here, week in and week out, watching Davis Mills complete one pass in an entire half while opposing quarterbacks complete every pass. Then we’ll do it again next season, and maybe the year after that, and I guess this is just the way it is. It will never end.

On this episode of Battle Red Radio, Matt Weston and his good friend Taylor preview Week Five of the 2021 NFL season. Topics include how many beers it takes to turn Mac Jones into Tom Brady, Davis Mills being unable to cover a ten point spread at home, Kyler Murray NFL MVP, what a Trey Lance offense may look like, the Cowboys’ remaining calm, the Giants’ vertical passing offense waking up, Josh Allen needing to get better, and the holes in Kansas City’s armor.

Let’s start the show.

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