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Houston Texans Podcast: My Miserable Life (Texans-Rams Review)

Matt Weston and Diehard Chris review another Texans blowout loss.

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Everything is the same. The Texans have talent problems on defense, so they put players out of position, They shift from Cover Two to Cover Three and then back to Cover Two, and then back to Cover Three, and none of it matters. They can’t tackle. They take terrible pursuit angles. The middle of the field is wide open. They forced two stops during the Rams’ trek to 38 points, both of which occurred because of drops from the Rams receivers.

The Texans’ offense keeps Davis Mills in utero. That, combined with the worst run offense in the NFL, leads to three first downs and five three and outs until garbage time. Another week, another sub-ten points against the other team’s starters, and another two-plus possession loss.

On this episode of Battle Red Radio, Matt Weston and Diehard Chris review the Texans’ loss to the Los Angeles Rams and preview the upcoming trade deadline. Topics include the good parts of falling down 38-0, whether Davis Mills showed anything while sifting through the garbage, the Texans giving touches to their young offensive players, the worst part of Houston’s defense, if there are any 2022 defensive starters on Houston’s current defense, which players could be moved at the deadline, what Houston will actualy do at the trade deadline, what we want them to to do, and, of course, in honor of the season, which sp00ky movies we watched when the sun turned orange.

Let’s start the show.

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