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2022 NFL Draft: Week Eleven Updated Draft Order

Anyone have a time machine so we can blip past this infernal season already?

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Texas Draft X

How bad is it, really, when the biggest win of the Houston Texans’ season so far came on a bye week?

Well, at least we’re not all Detroit Lions fans. Thankfully, with the Pittsburgh Steelers’ inability to fully put down a winless, hapless Detroit franchise, your Houston Texans are only a half game out of 1st place in the 2022 NFL Draft Sweepstakes.

Bleacher Report

1. Detroit (0-8-1)

2. Houston (1-8)

3. New York Jets (2-7)

4. Jacksonville (2-7)

5. Philadelphia (via Miami, 3-7)

Houston Texans

1-8 · .534

Biggest needs: QB, OL, WR

Week 11 opponent: at Titans

CG: Pro Football Focus ranks the Texans at the bottom of the NFL in run blocking and 27th in pass blocking. It’s a unit that could be completely refurbished by next season, and the draft should be a big part of that.

The mock drafts are renewing for those of us who have no hope of postseason glory. The focus seems to center around linemen more than ever.

CBS Sports

#2 Houston Texans

Aidan Hutchinson DE

MICHIGAN • SR • 6’6” / 265 LBS


Hutchinson has an NFL body with high-caliber athleticism and an arsenal of pass-rushing moves like most veterans. This could be the first of a multitude of early picks for the Texans if they can trade Deshaun Watson this offseason.

2. HOUSTON TEXANS - Evan Neal, OT, Alabama

I am of the opinion that Houston will want to add more to their young core before truly finding their next franchise quarterback (sorry, Davis Mills). Neal, like many other offensive linemen in this class, has experience at several positions along the line (LT, RT, and RG). The freakishly athletic and talented Neal would form a daunting tandem opposite Laremy Tunsil.

Pro Football Network

2) Houston Texans: Andrew Booth Jr., CB, Clemson

The Houston Texans have so many needs that it’s difficult to know exactly where to start. Their biggest need is quite clearly quarterback, but like the Lions above them, they eschew this murky class early on. This second overall selection is also a prime destination for a wide receiver. Yet, it’s a little early to pull the trigger on a pass catcher here.

It’s fair to say that the Texans are in need of a complete overhaul. Clemson’s Andrew Booth Jr. gives Houston a playmaking cornerstone to build the foundation of a new-look defense. The athletic cornerback plays with ferocity while being a fluid athlete. Furthermore, Booth possesses exceptional ball skills for a defense that has allowed a touchdown on 5.5% of passing plays this season.

If you’re really looking for something to do other than work while you’re at the office today, Pro Football Focus has a pretty neat Mock Draft Simulator that allows you to move teams around the draft order and see how the players fall based on the order you set.

PFF Mock Draft Simulator Mock Draft Simulator
Pro Football Focus

Until next week, always remember the official Houston Texans Coaching Motto and learn to do a better job. Apparently, it can get you out of a jam every time:

May Nick Caserio embrace this credo and do a better job when the 2022 NFL Draft rolls around.