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Texans-Titans Inactives

Here’s who won’t be playing in today’s Texans v. Titans game.

Houston Texans v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Chris Coduto/Getty Images

The bloody reunion will be missing a couple of relatives today. The Houston Texans and Tennessee Titans have announced their inactives. Here’s who won’t be playing for the Houston Texans:

Damn. I guess we won’t see what Jeff Driskel, the Texans’ bye week project, will do at tight end after the Texans drank too much fluoride. Our angler fish, the glimmering light at the bottom of the abyss, Jonathan Greenard, is also out. Sucks. Get ready for Jordan Jenkins and Jacob Martin holding down the edges. Jordan Akins and Brevin Jordan have switched places; Akins is the new tight end who is the last man out. Here’s the future. A proclamation of youth.

Here’s who won’t be playing for the Tennessee Titans.

The Titans lose two of their linebackers, a starting offensive guard, a member of their tight end rotation, a receiving back, and a starting cornerback. If the Texans weren’t 1-8, these things would matter, but since they are, it really doesn’t.

The Texans are set to play the Titans at noon today. We’ll see you at kickoff.