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Houston Texans Podcast: This is a Tennessee Titans Podcast Now (Texans-Titans Review)

Will Lomas joins Battle Red Radio to review the Houston Texans taking down the Tennessee Titans.

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I love the Tennessee Titans. My teeth are little and blue from cooking up the good stuff with Mike Mularkey. DeMarco Murray and Derrick Henry? These jorts don’t bleed. Kendall Lamm, Josh Kline, and Quinton Spain? It don’t matter, baby; we’re running the outside zone. Marcus Mariota versus Denver spurned the glorious rise of Ryan Tannehill play action. Mike Vrabel’s nipple piercings. Randy Bullock’s teenis. Jadeveon Clowney, Johnathan Joseph, Dylan Cole, Kendall Lamm, MyCole Pruitt, David Quessenberry, Ben Jones, and all the others who started in Houston and moved to Nashville to start a country cover band. The Titans are a team that takes chances, wears jerseys that are two colors of blue jeans, knows their scheme, finds the archetypes to run it, and plays football in a bizarre and beautiful way.

Look, I know you hate the Tennessee Titans. They took the Houston Oilers away from you. The namesake, all those torturous memories, placed in a U-Haul and left in the basement of a western wear store. Leave all that be for a hour. Open up your heart. Because the Tennessee Titans have something the Houston Texans don’t have but are trying to build, and that’s a culture. Live, laugh, listen, and learn more about it via our podcast.

On this episode of Battle Red Radio, Will Lomas of and the No Nonsense Podcast joins Matt Weston to review the Texans’ win over the Titans and to discuss what makes the Titans work. Topics include Todd Downing’s playcalling, a DRENCHED Mike Vrabel, the Desmond King and Dontrelle Hilliard revenge games, the plan for a Titans playoff run, whether Ryan Tannehill can handle the added responsibility, the cult of TITAN UP, Tennessee’s outside zone game, loving Ben Jones, and of course, your beautiful and wonderful listener questions. Let’s start the show.

Let’s start the show.

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