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Texans Have Third Easiest Remaining Schedule In NFL

But is anything really easy with Easterby?

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Houston Texans v Tennessee Titans Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

Over at Pro Football Focus, their latest power rankings have your Houston Texans vying for last place with the New York Jets and Detroit Lions, barely trailing the Jacksonville Jaguars. Since rankings need placement, Houston sits at #30 officially.

While that’s hardly anything to get excited about, unlike the historic level of shame the Texans cast on the Not-The-Oilers last weekend, there is a light at the end of this tunnel.

Houston sits officially as third-worst in the power rankings, but they’re also third-best in remaining strength of schedule.

CBS Sports:

Although this is hardly a downhill battle for the current rendition of our favorite football team, there are at least two very winnable games in this stretch, including this weekend’s battle with the Jets and the Week 15 matchup against the Glitter Kitties.

Wins over the Jets and Jags would improve the Texans’ W-L record to 4-13 on the year, which would probably leave them with the fifth overall pick in the upcoming NFL Draft on April 28, 2022.

Currently, the Jets, Lions, Texans, Glitter Kitties, New York Giants, Chicago Bears and Seattle Seahawks have less than four wins. That’s seven teams vying for a top five draft pick. The Miami Dolphins, Atlanta Falcons and Washington Football Team all have four wins, which could put them in the top five hunt if one of the other seven teams suddenly overachieves.

If Houston leadership is smart, they’ll put Tyrod Taylor back on the shelf, along with all the other veterans, and spend the next seven games taking a hard look at Davis Mills, Nico Collins, and the rest of the handful of young players that may or may not be part of this team’s future. A prolonged preseason starts now. Hopefully the Texans aren’t in it to win it.