Rebuilding Or Existing

Obviously, the Texans aren’t really trying to win. You can’t put this roster together and sell that to anyone. So, the normal refrain is that they are rebuilding. Except they really aren’t. Rebuilding means getting young guys and building around them. It means bringing in a coach that will install a system you can build around. It means losing, but also means you see growth somewhere. There has been growth on the defensive side of the ball. At least you have some guys on that side playing well. You are in the top ten in forcing turnovers. You are in the top half overall. In fact, you are on the positive end of the plus/minus.

The downside of rebuilding is that you’re on the clock. No one expects you to win in year one of a rebuild. They expect progress and that better come in year two. You should either be a playoff team or at least close in year three. Year four you better be a contender. If you exist there are no expectations. You aren’t even good enough to rebuild. This is why your coaching staff is here. That’s why they are so overwhelmingly incompetent. It’s why they appear to be busting into the "Coaching Offense for Dummies" book.

While there is no clock on existing, you can’t do it forever. Eventually the trash from the previous regime clears out. Eventually you get actual draft capital. Eventually you can deal your franchise quarterback. Then, you have to move on from just existing and start rebuilding. So, the question is if you walk out with three first rounders next year with multiple picks in the second and third round can you really ask this offensive staff to develop them? Can you trust Culley to develop a QB? Can you ask Tim Kelly to call plays for an offense that actually has a little talent? Is anyone on this offensive staff good enough to continue?

The sad thing is the defensive staff has done good things. No, it’s not a championship level defense. Hell, it’s not a playoff level defense. Still, when you have an offense that regularly goes three and out you’d expect the defense to look worse than it is. Maybe they let Culley and Kelly go. Maybe they find some other poor schleb that will just be happy to be here. Maybe he will take on the whole defensive staff. If you do that you’ll just be existing again. You’d rather hire a real coach with a real vision of the future that goes beyond culture, penalties, and turnovers. That means new coaches across the board. It means new systems on offense and defense. It means everything we are watching now is a waste of time. That’s the fun of just existing.