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Houston Texans Podcast: Post 2021 NFL Trade Deadline Mailbag

A review of the Texans’ decisions at the trade deadline and answering your beautiful listener questions.

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This past offseason, the Houston Texans spent their time signing a horde of veterans to churn the bottom of the roster, to change the culture of the team, with an eye towards maybe flipping them for future draft selections or using them to acquire future compensatory picks. There were two problems with that strategy. The players they signed weren’t very good, and teams don’t give up assets for players who aren’t very good. Before the buzzer on the 2021 NFL Trade Deadline went off, Houston was able to trade Mark Ingram to the Saints for a 2024 seventh round pick and Charles Omenihu to the 49ers for a 2023 sixth round pick. Nick Caserio’s plan failed. It didn’t work.

On this episode of Battle Red Radio, Matt Weston discusses the Texans at the trade deadline and answers your listener questions. Topics include why Houston traded Omenihu, the problems Houston had moving players at the deadline, why this highlights Caserio’s problems from this past offseason, Deshaun Watson still stuck in Houston, whether David Culley will be fired if the Texans go 2-16, the size Caserio’s statue should be, which young player has the most to gain from the Omenihu trade, what type of team I want to watch in 2022, and the rest of your questions.

Let’s start the show.

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