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Texans-Seahawks Inactives

Here’s who won’t be playing in today’s Texans-Seahawks game.

Houston Texans v Seattle Seahawks Photo by Rob Leiter/Getty Images

After Tyrod Taylor pulled his hamstring, something we all thought would happen at some point, after Davis Mills went winless against a string of great defenses, after a disappointing trade deadline fire sale, after cutting Zach Cunningham, and after repeatedly preaching the standard, we are almost through. The Houston Texans are getting the Seattle Seahawks today. Here’s who won’t be playing for the Texans this afternoon:

Deshaun Watson still isn’t playing football. Terrence Brooks was an awful deep middle safety in Justin Reid’s absence two weeks ago and is here to play special teams. Jimmy Moreland doesn’t exist. The Kevin Pierre-Louis signing was silly because he was benched for Jon Bostic and Cole Holcomb a year ago. Cole Toner works at Office Depot. And David Johnson won’t play either.

Here’s who won’t be playing for the Seahawks this afternoon:

Seattle is missing a starting offensive tackle, a backup running back, and a former first round defensive lineman who is still an enigma. Nothing here too major in Seattleland.

The Texans and Seahawks are set to play at NRG Stadium at noon today.