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Houston Texans Injury News: David Johnson Activated, Davion Davis Fractured Leg

The newest news entering Houston’s second game against Jacksonville.

Houston Texans v Arizona Cardinals Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

The Houston Texans were shut out in the second half once again last week, unable to adjust to the Seattle Seahawks abandoning Cover Three in favor of Cover Four, Cover Two, and the occasional six man rush out of Cover One. Houston’s run game was atrocious yet again. Lovie Smith’s ‘top ten pass by DVOA’ defense was shredded by Russell Wilson picking holes in zone coverage on the move.

Sunday is the STUPOR BOWL between the Texans and Jacksonville Jaguars. Both teams have two wins, with the Texans slightly ahead in the draft standings because of a strength of schedule tiebreaker. The ability to pick second overall in the 2022 NFL Draft is at stake on Sunday. It’s a game neither team wants to win, though neither teams wants to lose because of the embarrassment that comes along with it.

Entering this week, there are some major injury and roster news affecting the Texans. First is that Scottie Phillips will not be activated from IR. We all wanted to see Scottie Phillips play. Not because we all think Phillips is the next Arian Foster, but at least with Phillips, we don’t know what he is. We know what Royce Freeman, David Johnson, and Rex Burkhead are. We don’t know it about Phillips. He’ll stay on IR for at least one more week.

Davion Davis, the Sam Houston State product, was elevated to the active roster last week. He caught a screen pass, but when trying to suck up as many yards after the catch as possible, he was tackled and fractured his leg. His season is over.

The second half of last week’s game featured a lot of Royce Freeman. It looked like Rex Burkhead hurt his hip on the last play of the first half when he made a catch to set up an easier Kai’imi Fairbairn 61 yard field goal. Burkhead came up grimacing. He is day to day with a hip injury.

Near devastation. Kamu Gruiger-Hill was carted after suffering a non-contact injury. We held our breath, our hearts froze in our chest, our teeth detonated into a snow globe of shrapnel, bone and enamel...anyone, anybody, but Gruiger-Hill. Fortunately, Kamu’s injury is a sprain, and thankfully the beautiful fingers of Jack Easterby healed what could have been an ACL tear, meaning KGH’s season is not yet over.

We probably won’t see him this week in Jacksonville. He’s been placed on the COVID-19 list and could use a week off after his knee sprain anyways.

Speaking of the COVID list, David Johnson will return. The Texans will need him and everything they have to beat the Jaguars.

That’s this week’s injury and roster news as the Texans get set to play the Jaguars on Sunday, December 19th at 12 p.m.