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Jacksonville Jaguars v Houston Texans Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images


With various sports ravaged by COVID-19, games postponed, and leagues looking into taking the very rational stance of allowing asymptomatic players to play, the Houston Texans are also having to navigate these waters. Offensive linemen Justin McCray and Lane Taylor are out on the COVID-19 list, meaning it’s Tytus Howard moving to left guard today so Max Scharping can play right guard and Geron Christian can play left tackle. These are Houston’s noteworthy players who will be out without being named inactive.

Here’s who won’t be playing for the Texans in Jacksonville today.

Corner Jimmy Moreland is out. Justin Reid will be replaced by Jimmy Owens and Lonnie Johnson Jr. Paul Quessenberry is a culture practice squad player who hasn’t played a game this season. And, yeah, Deshaun Watson is still going through Deshaun Watson things.

Here’s who won’t be playing for the Jaguars.

Jacksonville loses cornerback, offensive line, and front seven depth. It’s a shame Carlos Hyde can’t get his REVENGE on his former team today.

The Texans are set to play the Jaguars at noon. We will see you then.