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Houston Texans Final Score/Post-Game Recap: Chargers 29, Texans 41

We have seen it all.

Los Angeles Chargers v Houston Texans Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

Impossible. It doesn’t exist.

The Houston Texans were missing multiple starters, backups to their starters, and thet were trotting out players who were signed this week or those called up from the practice squad. 23 players were on Houston’s COVID-19 list. Ten starters were missing. The Texans had to peel off their scabs and flick them into the widn. Up against a playoff hopeful, with their backups, it seemed impossible Houston could win today.

Impossible. It doesn’t exist.

Somehow, the Texans’ offense had their best game of the season today with Davis Mills as the starting quarterback. Against the Chargers’ two -igh shells, Houston’s run game was incredible against one of the worst run defenses in football. Rex Burkhead was Houston’s first rusher to break 100 rushing yards this season; he had 22 carries for 149 yards, two touchdowns and averaged 6.8 yards a carry.

It’s Rex’s team now.

The Texans’ offensive line did a fine job climbing and sticking to the second level, something they’ve had problems doing all year.

Mills also had a great game. Houston split the Chargers’ hook defenders well with drags that hit that emergency break to hit the middle of the field. Brevin Jordan ran outside breaking routes towards the sideline, broke tackles, and made plays after the catch. Tim Kelly finally schemed Mills to throw down the sideline. On the same drive, Mills hit the right sideline, finding Phillip Dorsett and then Chris Conley.

To attempt to finish it out, Burkhead carried Houston to the red zone. Mills hit a slant to Nico Collins to find the first touchdown of Nico’s career. After that, Justin Herbert overthrew the out route and Tavierre Thomas took it home.

Game over.

Impossible is nothing. It doesn’t exist.

Defensively, the key for Houston was winning in the red zone and forcing turnovers. Te Texans forced three field goals. Last week, Brandon Staley refused to kick field goals. This week, he kicked, and the Chargers failed to finish their drives. The Texans forced three turnovers. Jonathan Owens undercut a deep post route to pick off a pass, and he recovered a fumble. Thomas had his pick-six.

Impossible is nothing. It doesn’t exist.

Against all the odds, as a ten point underdog, playing their backups, the Texans pulled it off. They went back to back for the first time this season to take down the Chargers. Houston stuck a wrench in the Chargers’ postseason plans.

Impossible is nothing. It doesn’t exist.

The Texans play the San Francisco 49ers next Sunday at 3:05 p.m. CST.