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Houston Texans Injury News: Laremy Tunsil, Tyrod Taylor Are Day-To-Day

The newest Texans news.

Carolina Panthers v Houston Texans Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images

A strange thing happened this season. Laremy Tunsil tore a ligament in this thumb. He thought about playing through the pain, but on second thought, the Houston Texans are terrible, so why not have a month worth of vacation? A four week injury has turned into eight weeks. Tunsil has been cleared to lift weights and for football activities, yet we haven’t seen him play since the injury. As defined by head coach David Culley, this delay is due to a combination of personal decision and medical staff advice.

This has been a blessing in disguise for the Houston Texans. They had to give up on playing Tytus Howard at offensive guard (thank God) and moved him to left tackle, his rightful place going back to his college career at Alabama State. After three years and four position changes, Howard is finally playing the position he was drafted to play. Howard has pass protected well the last two weeks. His pass protection of Tyrod Taylor and Davis Mills’ blind side(s) is one of the few bright spots for this team.

Tunsil’s future in Houston may be in jeopardy. He has a $20+ million cap hit next season after his contract was restructured this past offseason. The Texans will either have to extend him to lessen the cap hit in 2022 or trade him to a team like the Jacksonville Jaguars or Carolina Panthers and move on. An early second round pick should be more than enough for Houston to trade Tunsil, keep Howard at left tackle, and keep the rebuild going.

The other news is about Tyrod Taylor’s wrist. After one of the worst quarterback performances you’ll ever see, a true Davis Millsish effort, Taylor’s status is now in question. He hyperextended his non-throwing wrist and had trouble gripping the football.

Taylor has been atrocious since he returned from injury. Aside from the 22 points the Texans scored against the Tennessee Titans, thanks to a ton of turnovers, Houston’s offense has been shut down. Davis Mills is bad too. But Mills is 23 years old and Taylor is 32 years old. There’s no point in Taylor playing anymore this season. We need to watch Mills flail for five more weeks so everyone understands the Texans have to go out and get another quarterback next season.

That’s the injury news as the Texans get ready to play the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday.