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Cal McNair Still Needs To Fire Jack Easterby

The albatross is becoming an even bigger anchor around McNair’s neck.

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Despite an overwhelming mountain of clear, concise, logical evidence that Jack Easterby is poisoning the Houston Texans from within, not only has owner Cal McNair come out and defended his right hand man, he has assured everyone Easterby will NOT get a pink slip, despite cries, internet turmoil, live protests, and online petitions demanding McNair #FireEasterby

These aren’t just restless natives masquerading as Houston Texans fans. These are national sports journalists, professional athletes, former Texans, and even the first member of the team’s Ring of Honor, Andre Johnson.

It stands to reason that any smart, self-preserving, successful business mind would part ways with Jack Easterby forthwith.

That’s not to say Cal and Jack can’t be friends, that Easterby can’t come by the McMansion and bless Easter dinner and love on the McNair kiddos whenever he wants, but keeping the guy central to the loss of just about every star player Houston has seen over the last five years is mind-numbingly incompetent.

So Cal McNair should have fired Easterby by now. But, this:

Cue “The Twilight Zone” music. For those who aren’t fully up to speed, here’s the quick 411:

  1. Jack Easterby is entirely unqualified to work in any managerial capacity in an NFL franchise.
  2. Cal McNair, the same owner who promoted his head coach to general manager after blowing a 24 point halftime lead to ultimately lose 31-51 in the NFL Playoffs, disagrees with the preceding point.
  3. Cal McNair is choosing Jack Easterby over Deshaun Watson—you know, the guy who had the best quarterback season in the entire league in 2020 and owns every significant quarterback record in Houston.
  4. McNair made a public statement downplaying Easterby’s role.
  5. Reality tells us otherwise (see Lance Z’s tweet above).

Since it doesn’t make sense to any of us, let’s turn to a brighter mind in Houston sports media than we have lying around behind the keyboard authoring this post:

The question remains: What will it take for McNair to Fire Jack Easterby?

We’ve already posited that if Easterby was the ‘high-character’ guy the Texans claim him to be, he would have resigned for the betterment of the organization. That’s how you can tell what’s true. “Servant leadership,” a term we’ve heard a fair bit from Jack, Cal, and Houston new general manager lately in regards to Easterby, means putting the needs of your team ahead of yourself.

The biggest need of the Houston Texans right now is to part ways with Jack Easterby.

Cearly that hasn't happened. What will it take?

Losing every notable player on the team? Deshaun Watson is already demanding a trade. J.J. Watt appears to have played his last snap as a Texan. How long before Justin Reid wants out, too?

Going 0-16? When Houston loses all the great players they have and can’t attract other players to sign with them in free agency, what will happen? The Texans will have a roster full of second, third string, and practice squad level players.

Multiple-winless seasons? With the hole Houston currently is in, it’s completely probable they go on an historic losing streak that makes the 26 straight games the 1976-77 Tamp Bay Buccaneers endured look like a cake walk.

Total loss of fan support? Sure, there will always be casual fans who think it’s a status symbol to support the local football team. Corporate sponsors, local oil-rich folks, etc. who go to games to show off their luxury boxes and other lavishness might stick around, but at the end of the day, the diehard fans are the ones buying the Texans license plate frames, hats, beer koozies, overpriced replica jerseys, socks, and trailer hitch covers. How long will the NFL stand for a team that chased off its core fan base?

All these things are real possibilities for the future of the Houston Texans. Apparently they’re all risks Cal McNair deems worth taking in order to avoid the chant of #FireEasterby,