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Report: Texans Still Ignoring Deshaun Watson Trade Offers

Peter King gets in on it.

NFL: AUG 14 Texans Training Camp Photo by Juan DeLeon/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Peter King, everyone’s favorite Monday Morning Quarterback turned Football Morning in America Man, published an article today providing an update on the Deshaun Watson trade saga.

Over the weekend, two common themes emerged about Houston’s near future. One: The Texans have one untouchable player, Watson, as of now. Two: Houston is not only not interested in trading Watson but also not interested in listening to offers for him. At least two teams have given offers to Houston and gotten zero feedback. Like, no reaction, no “We’ll get back to you.” Nothing.

This is consistent with everything else we’ve heard. The Texans aren’t trading Deshaun Watson. He’s their quarterback. They aren’t even responding to trade inquiries. This is how it’s going. For now.

This is a saga that doesn’t have an end in sight. It will continue to morph and twist, especially as the 2021 NFL Draft gets closer and closer. If the Texans trade Watson, it should happen before the draft so Houston knows exactly what the picks it would be acquiring would be worth. If nothing happens by then, get ready for a long holdout.

King also weighed on that aspect of the story and what the future could look like:

I think Caserio is playing it right, at least for now. The message is out there: Houston’s not even listening to offers. Maybe they’re serious about sitting on Watson. But Caserio also has to be cognizant of asking 53 players he doesn’t know—perhaps prepping for the season in the same virtual and fairly impersonal world that 2020 was—to take the field in 2021 with the worst team in the league, perhaps quarterbacked by an A.J. McCarron type. The results would be disastrous and could rip the team asunder even worse than it is now. J.J. Watt’s already jumped ship. Who would be next? Who, I should say, of any value?

Afterwards, King went through some trade packages, all of which aren’t worth a player of Watson’s caliber because there isn’t a trade package out there that makes sense for the Texans.

For the Houston Texans, no news is good news, Repeating the previous word about nothing happening in Watson trade talks counts as great news.