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Houston Texans Super Bowl Timeline

Which tier do the Texans fall in?

NFL Combine - Day 2 Photo by Alika Jenner/Getty Images

ESPN recently ranked each NFL’s team timeline to compete for a Super Bowl again. The tiers were current contenders, on the cusp, one year out, two years out, three years out, and four or five years out. The Texans of course fell into the four or five years out tier as they wrangle with the current Deshaun Watson trade saga.

They had the following to say:

Last Super Bowl appearance: Never been

2020 FPI rank: No. 23

Strategy for becoming a Super Bowl contender: It’s hard to answer this question without knowing whether Deshaun Watson will be playing for the Texans in 2021, as he officially requested a trade Thursday. If he is on the roster, the Texans need to build around him, especially on defense. The problem? They don’t have the cap space or draft picks this year to find those impact players.

Biggest X factor: Figuring out their quarterback situation. If it’s not Watson, they need to use the return they get in a trade to figure out their long-term solution at the position. Houston has been through a prolonged coaching carousel before, and the priority has to be avoiding that going forward. — Sarah Barshop

I’m in the camp that believes Watson shouldn’t be traded but will eventually be traded, and the Texans will be nothing more than a husk. Then we will say things like, “Trust the process. Root for losses and draft picks. Pray for brighter days in 2025”

In the meantime, things will be dark. They will be malodorous.

What do you think?