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Houston Texans Podcast: Super Bowl LV Preview

Chiefs v. Buccaneers. It’s your Super Bowl LV Preview.

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The BIGGEST BIG game is here. Tom Brady trying to complete the Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers, Patrick Mahomes trinity. Patrick Mahomes attempting to take out the GOAT, so that when he has enough titles to be in the same consideration, he’ll have this one hanging over Tom. Pirate ship swash buckling. Six feet apart on the couch. Kombucha drinking and fajita cooking. It’s Super Bowl time.

On this episode of Battle Red Radio, Matt and his good friend Taylor preview Super Bowl LV. Topics include: green ketchup, MK Ultra and The Weekend, the Chiefs injured and scrappy offensive line, yeah JPP, abandoning all hope of covering Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelce, Tom Brady’s problems against the big blitz, Leonard The Hunter, legacy implications, and of course, Super Bowl prop bets.

Let’s start the show.

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