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Join Battle Red Blog For A 24-Hour Episode Of Battle Red Radio

The BRB staff will spend untold hours screaming and bleeding about the Houston Texans - and it’s all for a good cause.

NFL: Tennessee Titans at Houston Texans Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

With so much attention on the Houston Texans, we’ve got a lot to say. Sure, most of it is just screaming blood into a gelatinous, shadowy void, but that is what the Internet was invented for (it’s called research, people).

Join us on Friday, March 5th at 8 PM CST for a marathon (???) 24 (!!!) hour (!!!) episode of Battle Red Radio featuring, well, everyone. Come one, come all. We invite you, loyal readers, to join us and chat for a few minutes if you like. We are efforting a Twitch stream so you can listen live; if our Chief Technology Consultant can’t figure that out, it will obviously be available in podcast form.

Listen, okay - I don’t know how this is going to ultimately work. Much like Cal and Jack, we say there is a plan, but there really isn’t a plan. There’s an end point, and now that a date is set, we must do what we can to make it work. After all, that’s how life works, is it not?

I...really have no idea how life works.

In order to kick this up a notch, we will attach a charitable element to the extravaganza. I’ve chosen the Cancer Research Institute. In addition, we encourage you to donate to the Deshaun Watson Foundation and the J.J. Watt Foundation for obvious reasons.

I will kick off the proceedings with a $100 donation. We aren’t going to track the dollars. Nor are we going to collect your donations and pass them along. We are just asking you to donate to these organizations- or really any cause you feel is worthwhile.

Hit us up on Twitter at my account (@HoustonDiehards(, Matt Weston’s (@Matt__Weston...note those are TWO underscores because Matt likes to be difficult), or hit up the main site account (@BattleRedBlog) if you’d like to make an appearance on the show and spout your various opinions on the brooding existence that is being a Houston Texans fan. Please provide your Skype username and what day and time you are available. If you don’t do the Twitter thing, just open your window and shout. It’ll get to us. Or you can email us via BattleRedBlog at gmail dot com.

Stay tuned for more information to follow.