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Brandin Cooks Restructures Contract To Stay With Texans

The speedy wideout saves the team money.

NFL: Tennessee Titans at Houston Texans Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

One of the few bright spots in the Houston Texans’ 2021 offseason thus far was wide receiver Brandin Cooks announcing he wanted to stay in H-Town.

Brandin Cooks:

For me, [Deshaun Watson] is a special player, and I would love to continue to grow with him. But as far as a team thinking they could trade me for draft capital, I would caution them to think twice, because quite frankly, I’m not going to accept any more trades. And so, for me, if you want me off your team, you’ve just got to let me walk and choose my destination.

For me, I’ve got a newborn son at home and he’s looking for someone to set an example. So I think it’s, for me, starting to stand firm when it comes to my career. But when it comes to playing here and playing with Deshaun, I would love to continue that growth. But that’s out of my hands. Those are decisions that I don’t make. I hope that the team sees the growth that we’ve been having and continues to show that commitment and growth over the years.

Today Cooks put his money where his mouth is, agreeing to officially restructure his contract with the Houston Texans.

Cooks’ prior contract had him on the Houston books for $12 million in 2021. The savings will certainly help Nick Caserio in his rebuilding efforts.

With Houston declining to keep Will Fuller V around (or maybe it’s Fuller declining to stay?), the spotlight falls squarely on Cooks to be WR1 in whatever Houston’s 2021 offense looks like. In 2020, starring in Tim Kelly’s offense with Watson slinging him the rock, Cooks caught 81 passes for 1,150 yards (a 14.2 yard average) and 6 touchdowns.

Only time will tell if Cooks can improve on those numbers this year.


Looks like Cooks took more off the books than previously reported, as he can reportedly void the remainder of his contract after the 2022 season.