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2021 NFL Free Agency: Texans Sign Wide Receiver Chris Moore to a One-Year Contract

David Culley gets his guy.

New England Patriots v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Will Newton/Getty Images

The Texans added another special teams player yesterday by signing former Baltimore Raven Chris Moore to a one-year contract.

Up to this point Moore had spent the entirety of his career in Baltimore, and there, that’s where his life changed, because that’s where he met that special angel David Culley. The Texans newest head coach got his guy. Moore and Culley will potentially get to spend another season together in Houston.

In five seasons, Moore only has 47 catches on 84 targets, but has only had 3 catches the last two seasons. His body is reserved entirely for special teams at this point. And even then, Moore was benched on last year’s Ravens special teams unit. Still, it’s another depth signing for the third unit of football as Houston continues to peruse through the bottom of the bin, and sign players exclusively for this small portion of the game.

Does this move matter? Probably not. Will it change your life? Absolutely not. Will you see Moore play in Houston this year? Don’t think so. It’s another trip to the Golden Corral salad bar for Nick Caserio.