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Our Local Nightmare is Over, the Houston Texans Release Zach Fulton

The inevitable becomes vitable.

Houston Texans v Tennessee Titans Photo by Frederick Breedon/Getty Images

One of the obvious cuts the Texans had available to them this offseason was releasing Zach Fulton. The former Kansas City guard and center, who became a worse guard in Houston, like every offensive linemen under Mike Develin’s watch, was a poor pass blocker, and his whateverness at the first level, and problems reaching the second level, added to the Texans terrible run game. He and right tackle Tytus Howard never really meshed at all.

Nick Caserio finally pulled the plug on this disaster today. The Texans chose to take the $3 million in cap savings and pay the $750K in dead money, then pay Fulton his roster bonus, and allow him to compete in camp.

If Fulton stayed on the roster, it was expected for him to move to center and compete with Justin Britt at the position. That idea is eviscerated. This move pretty much ensures newly acquired Marcus Cannon will slide to right guard in his place. With Tyrod Taylor in Houston, there’s some credence to the Texans morphing into a power run play action team if they decide to trade Deshaun Watson. It will be up to Tim Kelly to learn from Greg Roman’s playbook this summer to pull this off.

Caserio made the correct move, he made the smart move, and he made the easy move by releasing Fulton. The sun is up. Our local nightmare has come to a close.