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2021 NFL Offseason: Texans Sign Wide Recievers Donte Moncrief and Alex Erickson

The Texans find their Will Fuller replacement.

New England Patriots v Los Angeles Chargers Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

Wait a second, is that Donte Moncrief? This was an actual thought I had watching the New England Patriots last year. The former third round pick with the Colts, who never fully broke out, who became Jaguar, then a Panther, then a Steeler, and then a Patriot, returned a couple of kicks in New England last season, and now, now of course he’s a Houston Texan. Moncrief signed a one-year $2 million contract. Don’t let anyone tell you this isn’t the Patriots South. No matter how many Patriots the Texans sign, this is definitely not that.

Alex Ericson is a 29 year old undrafted free agent from the Cincinatti Bengals. In 2019 he was a contributor to their offense, and that lasted one season, before he was relegated back to the bench. Can he return kicks? You betcha. Erickson signed for one-year $1.2 million.

Short contract, cheap, special teams players are all the rage in Houston. The Texans got themselves two more.