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2021 NFL Free Agency: Houston Texans Trade For QB Ryan Finley

Another signal-caller joins the squad.

NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers at Cincinnati Bengals Joseph Maiorana-USA TODAY Sports

Aaron Wilson reported that the Houston Texans have traded for Cincinnati Bengals QB Ryan Finley. It looks like there is a pick swap in what will likely be the 6th round that is also in the deal.

This comes as a surprise, as Wilson mentions that the Bengals were planning on cutting Finley anyways. While the compensation if picks are involved will be late-rounders, it may have been better to wait all of an hour or so to sign him as a free agent. Some outlets even reported that he had been cut.

Finley is entering his third year in the league after spending his first two years with the Bengals. In those two years, Finley started four games and had 3 touchdowns with 4 INT’s. He was also sacked 20 times.

Part of the appeal that Finley has stretches back to Nick Caserio’s days with New England.

Also, thanks to Stephanie Stradley, we see more of why the organization may like what Finley brings to the table.

Finley sounds like a smart, tough, and dependable young man. Regardless, he’ll join Tyrod Taylor and Deshaun Watson in the QB room for a while. While Tyrod should still get the nod first if anything happens with Watson, Finley would likely serve in a 3rd string capacity.

How do you feel about our new addition? Would you prefer to see Finley get the nod over Taylor? Let me know down below.