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Listen To Battle Red Blog On “Turn Up For Watt?” Podcast

Matt Weston talks Texans on another podcast.

New England Patriots v Miami Dolphins Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

The offseason has already blown right through. Cuts have been made. Trades have been negotiated. The first wave of free agency has splashed across the shore. Now is the lull until the NFL Draft until the end of April.

In case you didn’t know, there are more podcasts than just Battle Red Radio (a Houston Texans Podcast), and there are more Texans podcasts than just Battle Red Radio (a Houston Texans Podcast). Our friend Euan from across the pond runs a great Texans podcast called “Turn Down For Watt?”. Yesterday afternoon, he had me on to discuss the Deshaun Watson allegations (I’m very dumb and don’t know anything at all), how it may or may not affect a trade of Deshaun Watson, Nick Caserio’s free agency strategy, the talent quality of the players Houston has acquired, Laremy Tunsil’s restructure, the strange schism in the Texans’ offseason strategy, and a brief spat of Texans existentialism that pervades the entirety of this fanbase.

You can listen to the episode and subscribe via:

You can read Euan’s writing at as well. His last article on Caserio’s offseason strategy is a great read .

Enjoy the show. Make sure to listen, subscribe, like, and follow Euan on Twitter.