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Houston Texans Promote Greg Grissom To Team President

The Texans fill Jamey Rootes’ vacancy.

Green Bay Packers v Houston Texans Photo by Logan Riely/Getty Images

A little more than a month ago, after publishing his new book, Texans team president Jamey Rootes stepped down from his role in the organization. In his absence, the Texans had Greg Grissom run the business side of the team. Grissom was one of many to interview for the big job itself; according to Aaron Wilson, the following candidates interviewed for the job. interview process that included [Grissom], Texans chief marketing officer Jennifer Davenport, along with three external candidates. That included Tony Wyllie, a Texas Southern graduate who is the regional president and managing director for Special Olympics North America and a former senior vice president of communications for the Washington Football Team who previously led the Texans, Rams and Titans’ public relations departments.

Grissom was the one who won out and ended up being named new team president.

Grissom has been working for the Texans since their inception. By hiring him, the Texans were able to maintain some level of continuity at the position.

By elevating Grissom, the Texans maintain continuity through his strong relationships and experience interacting with corporate sponsors, community leaders and charities.

Grissom has operated as a key lieutenant for the AFC South franchise since the Texans’ inaugural season in 2002. This marks Grissom’s fifth promotion since he started working for the Texans.

With this hiring, the Texans have filled all the vacant positions they have. All that’s left is to continue flipping for free agents and prepare for the 2021 NFL Draft.