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2021 NFL Offseason: The Texans’ Best Offseason Move

Even a general manager with a basic understanding of the position is a tremendous improvement for the Texans.

New England Patriots v Houston Texans Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images

Earlier this week, ESPN and their horde of beat reporters gathered around to create a litany of blurbs, going over each team’s best offseason move, along with where they currently stack up in the NFL’s landscape. Sarah Barshop had the following to say about the Houston Texans:

32. Houston Texans

Way-too-early ranking: 32

Best offseason move: Hiring Nick Caserio

The new Texans general manager inherited a team with a lot of question marks and seemingly not a lot of resources to fix it. Since he was hired in January, Caserio has made more than 30 moves to reshape the team. Of course, time will tell whether Caserio has put together a good roster that will translate into winning (especially not knowing the status of quarterback Deshaun Watson), but so far it appears he has made more level-headed decisions than former general manager Bill O’Brien. — Sarah Barshop

For the Texans, having a general manager with a basic level of understanding of the position will have a dramatic effect on the roster. Homeostasis has been established. The bare minimum has been reached. Sure, a lot of things Caserio did didn’t make sense, like signing a bunch of bad players when there were good players available for similar contracts or pushing salary figures down the road instead of paying the sacrifice this season for a rebuilding football team. Since signing Desmond King and Phillip Lindsay or trading for Marcus Cannon and Shaq Lawson were the best moves he made, Caserio gets the nod here. Because he is not Bill O’Brien.